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zaterdag 24 maart, 15:45

We have all experienced those moments in time in which nothing afterwards is the same as it was before. The change from BEFORE to AFTER can be instantaneous, or painfully slow; experienced individually by a single person, or collectively by an entire generation. We often find our definition and meaning through that change – when the before becomes the after. At times, we eagerly await the moment when we can shrug off our before in exchange for a better after. Sometimes, however, we only realize those moments have happened once life is different and we find ourselves in a new reality. This shift from how things were before to the world that comes after can depict the irrevocable nature of time and the grit of humanity when faced by the unexpected. We invite you to hear compelling stories of the struggle, celebration, transformation, and imagination experienced by others in these moments, and help them spread their ideas throughout our community and beyond.

Who are you BEFORE TEDxBirmingham? More importantly, who will you be AFTER? Join us on March 24, 2018 to be a part of a moment that changes everything.

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