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zaterdag 24 maart, 00:00

Cuban migration has fragmented families, couples, friendships and communities, becoming a unifying element, a part of Cuban identity. Join us for the New York premiere of Departures, a performance that grapples with the phenomenon of Cuban emigration from 1959 through the present, and seeks communion with its audiences through personal history.

Directed by Nelda Castillo and presented by the Havana-based theatrical group El Ciervo Encantado, the performance features actress Mariela Brito as Cuba's everywoman, telling her own story and those of the many who have departed. Surrounded by photographs of both illustrious and unknown Cubans who left to escape hunger, censorship, persecution and terror, she leads us through the national memory that is never discussed, but that is, among Cubans, an almost physical presence. 
About El Ciervo Encantado
The internationally recognized Cuba theater company was founded in 1996 by Nelda Castillo. Its performances and public interventions explore the margins of Cuban national and cultural identity by engaging with current emergencies, seeking to unveil invisibilized aspects of the memory of being Cuban. The company explores the dark areas of the Cuban soul in works that use the visual and sound universe as well as literary, historical, plastic, musical and dance sources in pursuit of a novel artistic language.

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